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Quality and Engineering

   Systems Consultant

     ISO 9001:2008     ISO/TS 16949:2009

Attention Automotive Suppliers:

NAFTA and other U.S. Free Trade Agreements Certificates of Origin, AALA and IMDS (International Material Data System) Reporting! Service is provided either on-site or via Internet.

Werner E. Feldhaeusser, based in Stone Mountain, Georgia (near Atlanta)

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Services Offered

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Automotive Tier 1 Certifications:
Chemical     Lead Assessor (Stat-A-Matrix)
Electrical Power Equipment     ASQ certified:
Electronics          Quality Engineer
Logistics          Quality Manager
Metal Fabrication Thirty years in Quality Management:
Plastics          Siemens Square D
Remanufacturing          Bosch Chemence
Service          Monroe Snapper
Transportation German - English translation, oder Deutsche -  Englishe übersetzungen:
                                                                                  Engineering Specifications
                                                                                  Engineering Drawings - Zeichnungen

Partial Client List


Avery Dennison Georgia Plating No written contract required. Email confirmation will do.
Chemence, Inc. Hub City of Atlanta IMDS and NAFTA submissions can be done without a visit to your site.
Chemence Medical. Inc. Siemens Per diem for overnight travel.
Dixien, Metals Division Southern Assemblies, Inc. Non-disclosure agreement.
Dixien, Plastics Division Motorcar Parts of America Hourly, daily, longer-term rates.

Contact Information

  Telephone: (770) 510-3299
  Email: wernerf@wernerf.com

Details of Services Offered


Quality System Design

This can use a number of different approaches. I prefer to coach your employees in developing your system, not one that I develop for you:


Formalizing your current system for registration, while suiting the needs of your organization, using whatever Standard makes sense for your business.


Upgrading your current system to meet the requirements of the latest version of the Standard with which it is designed to comply.


Developing your system using a Standard as a model, but not for registration. This approach allows you to reap the benefits at a lower cost.


Gap Analysis

This activity is a detailed survey of your current quality system to determine what has to be added or changed in order to meet the requirements of a Standard. Helpful when you want to upgrade to a new version of a Standard.


Auditing: Internal, Pre-registration, 2nd Party

Auditing can serve a number of different purposes:


Audits of your quality system to determine its effectiveness. Either once, before a Registrar audit, or on a routine, periodic basis.


Who should be on your Internal Audit team?


Second Party audits to evaluate your Suppliers' quality systems or the quality systems of other businesses you seek to acquire.

Documentation Development

Assistance with organizing your documentation system using sensible and auditor-friendly formats and numbering schemes, and minimizing document wordiness and complexity. Liberal use of easy-to-understand flow charts instead of text.

Using your organization's computer LAN for your documentation without expensive software and special employee training - just Microsoft Word© and Excel©. Have your own "Intranet" in "Web page" format.


Quality System Registration Preparation

Are you just starting out? Guidance on the most effective and least costly techniques to reach your goal. Advice on selecting a Registrar, determining the scope of your registration, surveillance audit frequency, etc.

Are you almost ready? A "pre-registration" audit might be wise, at less than what Registrars charge. How you should "manage" your registration audit and not just let it happen.


Process Mapping

Assistance with this important aspect of the current ISO quality Standards. Use of the simplest, most practical mapping techniques necessary. Plain old flow charts with a new twist, Turtles and other techniques. I can show you how to do it with the software and skills you already have.



I can provide training tailored to your needs on a wide variety of quality-related topics, using my humorous but effective teaching techniques.


Data Collection Systems

I can show you how to collect and present quality system performance data to management, automatically and on a real-time basis, by using the software and skills you already have. Like Microsoft© Excel!

Corrective Action Methods

Everybody hates this required activity but Auditors invariably focus on it. I can help you develop an effective method tailored to the needs of your organization, which works.

Quality System Surveys

Thinking about purchasing a business? I can perform an in-depth survey of its quality system for you.

NAFTA (including 11 other U.S. Free Trade Agreements) and AALA Reporting

Assistance with the preparation of Certificates of Origin, determination of the proper Harmonized Tariff Classification codes, determination of US/Canada content for AALA (American Automobile Labeling Act) reporting. AALA reporting is a bit different from NAFTA reporting, and it isn't obvious or explained.

IMDS (International Material Data System) Reporting

Assistance with the preparation and submission of Material Data Sheets to Automotive OEMs, Tier 1, 2, etc. suppliers via the on-line IMDS system. Coach and train your people, or do it for you via the Internet - no on-site visit from me required!

German - English Translations

If you deal with German companies, I can translate documents, drawings, and specifications for you, do emails, etc.

Deutsche Firma? Ich kann euch auch mit übersetzungen helfen !

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